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What do you need to know about your Facial Plastic Surgeon?
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Fall Skin Rejuvenation: Wrinkles, Pigment, What to Do?
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What to know about your Plastic Surgeon
What makes your surgeon qualified and why you should care about the surgery center. 

Most people have heard, read or been told about the importance of going to “Board Certified” physicians or surgeons. But, what is a “Board Certified” surgeon, and are all Board Certifications the same?

Believe it or not, any medical doctor can legally practice medicine and even perform surgery in any specialty they desire regardless of training or experience. Medical Boards were developed as a way to ensure appropriate training and expertise within certain specialties of medicine as a means of protecting the public. Additionally, holding a membership, being a diplomate or being approved by organizations devoted to plastic, facial plastic or cosmetic surgery is fine but it does not equal Board Certification because the requirements for membership can be as little as paying dues and rigorous testing is rarely required. Therefore, it is important to know if your doctor is Board Certified by a Board recognized by the Medical Board of California AND in which specialty the Certification is granted.

Some people may like the look of over-filled lips, but at FAC we always strive for natural enhancements that accentuate and balance your overall appearance.


What is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon? 

Board Certified plastic and facial plastic surgeons must undergo years of specialized training, followed by intensive written and oral examinations, which includes aesthetic evaluations and treatments. Candidates seeking certification in facial plastic surgery must meet additional rigorous requirements which include examination of their surgical records, operating in accredited surgery centers, and board certification in another surgical specialty. Dr. Gangnes and Dr. Brandon are both double board certified facial plastic surgeons.

Why you should choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon over a Cosmetic Surgeon

A cosmetic surgeon may not have any training or experience in aesthetics or in surgery, they only need to be a physician. This means, an emergency room doctor can wake up one day and decide he wants to be a cosmetic surgeon and start performing brow lifts or rhinoplasties without having any prior training or experience.

More about Board Certification

For plastic and facial plastic surgery, there are only two Boards that are recognized by the Medical Board of California: the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which focuses on general plastic surgery of the entire body, and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which is the Board recognized by all 50 state medical boards as the certifying board for Facial Plastic Surgeons. The Medical Board of California does not currently recognize the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and presently any doctor from any specialty or dentist can identify themselves as a cosmetic surgeon or specialist.

Go to an Accredited Surgery Center

Similarly, surgery centers have the equivalent of a board certification called accreditation. There are several accrediting bodies for outpatient surgery centers, and the three major are the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF), and Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). Our Surgicenter has achieved and maintained accreditation by AAAHC with Medicare deemed status, the highest level of accreditation available in California.

When considering a facial plastic or plastic surgeon, it is very important to verify the credentials of your surgeon and the surgery center in which your procedure is to be performed. We recommend you visit the website for the Board that has certified your surgeon as well as the accrediting body for the surgery center. You can visit,,, or to confirm that your surgeon and facility are the best available.

If you’ve been considering facial plastic surgery and you’re ready to take the next step or have any questions, please reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

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Fall into Great Skin
Wrinkles? Pigment? What to do...

With the final days of summer quickly approaching, you may be looking at your skin and noticing some changes. It’s not uncommon to notice a few extra wrinkles and dark spots pop up after spending time in the sun.

Thankfully, there are procedures, treatments, and products that help diminish the appearance of dark spots and sun damage, and smooth out wrinkles.

Lasers to Help Reverse Sun Damage
Fractional CO2 Laser
If you’re looking for a highly effective treatment to rejuvenate your skin, opt for the Fractional CO2 laser. The Fractional CO2 laser is used to smooth wrinkles, eliminate brown spots, improve melasma, and is the best minimal downtime treatment to improve the overall quality and texture of the skin.

The Fractional CO2 laser is unique in several ways, but most unique in the way it delivers the laser energy. Unlike more traditional lasers, including the older CO2 lasers, the Fractional CO2 laser treats the skin with thousands of micro-point sized dots, thereby leaving a good portion of healthy tissue behind.

This more targeted treatment helps regenerate new collagen resulting in more youthful, healthier looking skin. Additionally, the fractional technology allows for safer treatments and much quicker healing times, 5-7 days on average.

Although the treatment has a fairly quick healing time, you’ll still want to make sure you avoid direct sunlight during the 2 weeks following treatment. If you plan your appointment for early fall, your skin will be looking its best by the holidays.


Zap Away Dark Spots without a Laser
Intense Pulsed Light therapy, or IPL, is not a laser, but rather a series of gentle pulses of intense light applied to specific treatment areas. This is one of the best treatments for irregular pigmentation or brown spots caused from sun damage or aging.

Without damaging the skin, the light from an IPL device penetrates through the skin and is absorbed by the hemoglobin responsible for redness in the skin and melanin which is responsible for unwanted pigmentation. The energy from the light breaks up redness and irregular pigment which your body then removes.

After your IPL treatment, you’ll be able to leave the office immediately with only mild redness in your skin.There’s no downtown and you can go back to your regular activities, but remember to wear your sunscreen. Most patients benefit from a series of 3 to 5 treatments to achieve the best improvement in skin tone.  

Chemical peels can produce a nice improvement for patients sun damaged skin, aging, brown spots, deep lines and wrinkles, acne, and other skin concerns. If you are looking to refresh your skin’s appearance, a chemical peel is a great option for you.

At Facial Aesthetic Concepts, we formulate our own custom peel solutions designed to treat the specific skin concerns we see in Southern California. Chemical peels are affordable treatments that enhance the quality of your skin with only minutes taken away from your daily routine. The combination of ingredients in our chemical peels are unique to Facial Aesthetic Concepts and were created to enhance the results of facials and other treatments for face and skin.

Smooth Out Wrinkles

It’s no surprise that Botox is one of the top treatments to reduce and prevent wrinkles. By now you’re probably familiar with the neurotoxin that’s used to inactivate dynamic facial muscles that cause wrinkles in your forehead, around your eyes, and between your brows.

A study conducted over the course of 13 years with two identical twins shows that consistent Botox treatments 2-3 times a year significantly prevented the formation of static lines and wrinkles in the upper third of the face.

(insert image with description of the treatment administered to each twin)

Even if you already have lines and wrinkles forming, Botox can smooth those lines so they aren’t as noticeable, without completely freezing your face or leaving you emotionless (which is what most people fear about Botox).

Clear & Brilliant Laser
In Southern California, just because the first day of fall is right around the corner, doesn’t mean we’ll stop being outside. That summer heat will likely continue into October, so time spent outside won’t die down into September. We know laser treatments and intense sunlight don’t mix, unless you opt for the Clear & Brilliant laser.

The Clear & Brilliant touch laser uses two fractional lasers to address signs of aging skin. The first laser reaches deep beneath the skin to improve fine lines, reduce the appearance of pores and boost collagen. The second laser treats closer to the skin's surface to tackle irregular pigmentation and skin texture issues.

Patients love this laser because it’s quick (only 45 minutes), non-invasive, and has little-to-no downtime. This means you won’t need to completely lock yourself in the house days following the treatment. You can get back to your normal plans right after you leave our office, with only some slight redness that feels like a light sunburn.


Topical Skincare Products that Brighten and Renew Skin and Address Wrinkles
Combining any of the mentioned products above with good skincare products is a sure way to accelerate your results and improve your outcome.

The next generation of Age-Defying Skin! This is by far one of our top selling products at FAC and for good reason.

This serum builds upon the legendary results of its predecessor for powerful anti-aging. Every piece of the TNS Essential serum, from the peptides to the growth factors has been rethought and amplified. Because of this, it’s even better at softening wrinkles, diminishing dark spots and addressing other signs of aging.

Formulated with TNS®-MR, the next-generation growth factor blend, this serum acts on multiple levels of the skin to achieve the best results. Additionally, RenessanSCe (RSC) Advanced, a highly active blend of botanicals, peptides and marine extracts, supports skin renewal for plumper, more youthful skin, delivering results in as little as two weeks.

Alto Advanced Defense and Repair Serum
The Alto Advanced Defense and Repair Serum is one of our newest products we’re carrying from the SkinBetter Science skincare line.

The skin needs to be protected from free radicals from environmental and internal stressors, which occur as part of the skin’s natural renewal cycle. Usually, we’ll protect and brighten skin complexion using a product with vitamin C. The Alto Advanced serum goes beyond vitamin C and E and includes 17 additional antioxidants for broad environmental defense.

An additional ingredient, PQQ, helps the skin appear more rejuvenated and energized by neutralizing internal free radicals. Clincal results demonstrate improvements in skin dullness, texture, tone and redness, and 97% of patients in a clinical study report brighter-looking skin.

Great skin is within reach this fall and FAC is here to help. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please give our office a call.

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